Joe Cianciotto Discusses The Important Skills Of Executive Creative Directors

Branding can make or break a business in the modern world. Companies around the world are investing more on advertising, marketing, and public relations with every passing day, in order to develop an impressive brand image and magnetize maximum patrons. Joe Cianciotto points out that a good public identity and brand image can go a long way in enabling a company to meet the ever-increasing competition levels, and create a lasting impression in the mind of their patrons. He points out that usually, executive creative directors are the ones responsible for developing the core public identity of any brand. These professionals use mediums like the web, TV, and print for this task.

In the most basic sense, an executive creative director tends to be responsible for developing various innovative and creative strategies that can aid in creating and solidifying an impressive image of a brand. Joe Cianciotto says that while the job of an executive creative director may sound quite straightforward and exciting, it is quite challenging as well. Mr. Cianciotto himself has worked as an executive creative director and hence is well aware of the important aspects of this profession. He mentions that while this profession does give people a great avenue to utilize their creativity and broaden their horizons, it also includes certain negative aspects like deadlines and improper communication.

Joe Cianciotto, however, also points out that these small issues should not dissuade a person from pursuing this career. By having the right skill set, one can easily combat all the challenges of becoming an executive creative director. There are certain skills and qualities one must try to develop when trying to fit into this job role. Here are some of them:

  • Resilience: Like all challenging professions, resilience is also important for executive creative directors. There would be many instances where they might have to deal with angry clients or frustrated designers. But it is vital that they keep a calm and cool mindset in these situations, and try to handle it without backing down. They must have the quality to make their own stance clear, without hurting the egos of the others.
  • Focus: As the executive creative directors need to collaborate with multiple other experts, they need to be quite focused on their job in order to dutifully complete all their tasks. Apart from putting emphasis on the project in hand, they also gave to keep the bigger picture in mind. Absolute focus and dedication would ensure that they are headed in the right direction, for each and every project.
  • Imagination: Imagination, innovation, and creativity are extremely vital for the job role of any executive creative director. In addition to managing a creative project, these professionals must also have the capability to develop a project from scratch and give it a perfect shape.

In addition to the skills listed above, diplomacy, hard work and courage are some of the other qualities that executive creative directors should have.

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